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From Grantee to Funder: 1inch

In the beginning, it's all about survival. Sergej Kunz and Anton Bukov bounced through blockchain events and hackathons, taking their winnings from one event and moving on to the next. They took part in 17 hackathons around the globe and would sleep in the hackathon area or sometimes just not sleep at all.

Then, a typo in their Gitcoin grant application led to an extra $45k in grant funding going to the early development team of 1inch. This fortunate mistake was just one of the many contributing factors that helped them go from Gitcoin Grantees to Gitcoin Funders in just over two years. It has awakened an inspiration and a drive to give back to the world, and to the ecosystem that helped them build their own future. 

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Decentralizing Gitcoin Grants


  • The Gitcoin DAO is tasked with decentralizing Gitcoin Grants.
  • The DAO created the Decentralize Gitcoin Workstream to make it so.
  • The Workstream solicited decentralization proposals from ScopeLift and ChainSafe.
  • Those proposals have been delivered, please read on for next steps.
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Architecting & BUIDLing the GTC Token Distributor

As a developer, one of the beautiful things about open source code is that it tells a story. As you look through the release notes, commit history, features/bugs/issues, a picture emerges. It might not always be a clear picture, but at the very least, you can usually establish a foundation for how and why certain features exist and what they intend to do.

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It’s Time To Decentralize Gitcoin

When Gitcoin first started in 2017 we focused on the mission of growing and sustaining open source software. During my 10 years in tech startups I had seen that everything and I mean everything in the startup ecosystem was built on top of open source. From the protocols that are the substrate of the internet, to Linux, to WordPress (the most popular content management system in the world) billions of dollars in economic activity, and billions of users interact with open source every year.

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Announcement: Gitcoin Community Receives Generous Gift From Vitalik Buterin

On Wednesday, May 12, 2021 Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin sent 49 trillion Akita Inu tokens (AKITA) worth approximately $5mm at the time of this posting to the Gitcoin Community’s multisig wallet. This wallet is used to offer matching funds for Gitcoin Grants rounds. Gitcoin Grants is a quarterly crowdfunding campaign for open source projects. These projects get a portion of the match funds based on their fundraising success.

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