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Gitcoin expands governance participation to long term partners

As community builders, Public Goods funders and regen maxis we recognize our impact is fueled by those who believe in and support our work. Today, we are excited to announce that we will be welcoming a handful of key partners to participate in our governance to help us serve a wider audience. These partners have made a commitment to public goods funding, and to supporting the Gitcoin ecosystem at large.

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Announcing: The Fantom Alpha Round

The Fantom Foundation is leveraging Gitcoin’s grants protocol for an initial round allocating 125,000 FTM to projects building within the Fantom ecosystem. Through the partnership, Fantom builders will be able to use the protocol to secure matched funding that helps sustain and grow their projects. 

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Introduction to Grants Protocol

Gitcoin is evolving

Gitcoin Grants has helped projects from fundamental web3 primitives to organizations spearheading decentralized science research make their mark on the emerging space. The history of Gitcoin Grants is deeply intertwined with the history of Ethereum: from our first deployment of quadratic funding in 2018, we’ve helped countless projects make their grand visions into reality and, in the process, given developers, designers, artists, and builders of all backgrounds the opportunity to pursue values-aligned work sustainably.

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