Announcement: ENS Joins Funders League In Support Of Public Goods

The Gitcoin Team is pleased to announce that ENS, the decentralized naming protocol, has made a $700k investment in support of digital public goods. ENS joins a stacked group of veteran Ethereum organizations who have contributed over $5mm to help build open source through Gitcoin hackathons and grants rounds.

ENS is a pillar of the web3 ecosystem, getting their start under the umbrella of the Ethereum Foundation, until successfully spinning out in 2018. Now ENS is the most widely integrated blockchain naming standard, providing much needed infrastructure for hosting decentralized websites. 

Gitcoin + ENS = more public goods 🙂

This is a huge milestone, as ENS delivers one of the largest single donations to the public goods treasury in Gitcoin history. The Gitcoin community is excited for their support and looks forward to a long and rewarding partnership, aligned in the mission to fund open source technology.

“We’re honored to have the support of such a long standing public goods project. Time and time again, ENS has shown that it’s committed to helping grow our ecosystem and to helping users participate in rather than speculate on Ethereum. We believe this will be the first step of many we take together.” said Scott Moore, Head of Community at Gitcoin.

“ENS is a public good, and Gitcoin supports public goods, so this partnership makes a lot of sense. We wanted to give back, and Gitcoin is best way to do that.” says Brantly Millegan, Director of Operations of True Names LTD, the non-profit that manages ENS.

ENS Sponsors GR10 hackathon

ENS will be getting involved right away sponsoring Grants Round 10 by contributing to the Quadratic Funding match pool. This will also likely mean that the GR10 match pool will eclipse the record $500k contributed by the Funders League in GR9. Stay tuned for more information, and please join us and warmly welcome ENS to the Funders League!

—Team Gitcoin