What’s New in Gitcoin?

Product Updates From Q1 2019

In this Gitcoin product update mega-edition, we’ll be covering two months of product updates to Gitcoin (January and February). The team has been hard at work. We’ve gotten a lot done and are excited to share!

New Homepage

Gitcoin is a suite of products designed to help sustain and maintain your Open Source Software (OSS) project. We’ve updated the homepage to highlight our offerings are intuitively interwoven which include Bounties, Codefund, Grants, and Kudos! Check it out 👇🏽



Open a grant and tell people about the important work you have planned in Web3 + OSS. Promote your grant, manage payments and contributions right through Gitcoin. Checkout Gitcoin.co/grants.


Stay on top of bounties that need your attention and know what to do next. Look for the bell to see if you have a notification. We will denote new messages with a green circle. View messages via the drawer or click to see all of your notifications.

Star Ratings

Rate your bounty experience! How was the contributor? How was the funder? Provide feedback on the work experience you’ve just had. After completion of a bounty, leave a quick rating using simple stars and feedback about your experience. For the time being the feedback will not be made public.

Gitcoin Verified Badge

We now have a verified feature that allows anyone to see contributors who have been verified by the Gitcoin Core team or other top funders. This means that the core team has worked with and interacted with a specific contributor and and has deemed the contributor trustworthy on the Gitcoin platform. Learn about the program here and request verification today!

Featured Bounties

Promote your bounty! Make sure your bounty isn’t missed. Highlight a specific bounty you’ve just funded by featuring a bounty on the fund issue form. The featured bounty will display at the top of the Gitcoin Issue Explorer for 14 days.

Invite Specific Gitcoiners To Bounty!

Know someone perfect for a bounty? Invite a friend or colleague right from the bounty details page by entering their Github username to send the invite!

Are You Job Hunting?

Let other Gitcoiners know that you’re open for a new full-time/part-time job. Let us know what type of work you’re looking for and easily upload your resume or share a URL of your work.

No Metamask Needed to Begin Work

Contributors can now skip Metamask during onboarding and start work without having Metamask set up.

Get started quickly and easily by finding the bounty that interests you and click Express Interest to apply to start work. This allows hunters to focus on completing the bounty and worry about setting up Metamask prior to the payment. More to come here, soon.

60 new Kudos, 55 new Avatar Items

We’ve added a bunch of new content to our Avatar builder, and to the Kudos marketplace! Head to the avatar builder to start customizing your avatar or checkout the 60 new Kudos here!

Whew! That was a lot.

We won’t wait this long for another product update. In case you’re curious what we’re up to over the next few months, we’ll be continuing to build upon the star ratings system, shared bounty management, multi-sig payment, skills matching, and profile improvements.

Have a feature in mind that’ll really power your workflow? Let us know! We love to hear suggestions from our community!

Happy Gitcoining!