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Announcement: Gitcoin Community Receives Generous Gift From Vitalik Buterin

On Wednesday, May 12, 2021 Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin sent 49 trillion Akita Inu tokens (AKITA) worth approximately $5mm at the time of this posting to the Gitcoin Community’s multisig wallet. This wallet is used to offer matching funds for Gitcoin Grants rounds. Gitcoin Grants is a quarterly crowdfunding campaign for open source projects. These projects get a portion of the match funds based on their fundraising success.

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Joining Gitcoin As Director Of Research

Pushing Seamless UX Forward With Meta Transactions

I’m extremely honored to announce that I will be joining the Gitcoin team full time as their Director of Research. My tasks will include continuing to #BUIDL and #SHIPL in the meta transaction space with an emphasis on seamless onboarding into Ethereum and assisting with some special projects that are yet to be announced. Hanging out with the team at ETHSanFrancisco really got me excited for the opportunity to work with such amazing hackers.

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Gitcoin Q2 Update & Q3 Goals

Our Q2 OKR Results, product updates, and the future of open source

Gitcoin’s mission is to grow open source. We build our technology open source. We have a wonderful open source community. We also openly share our successes and failures. Let’s review the most recent past and then look ahead to the future we see on the horizon for ourselves and the open source space in general.

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