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Radical Results: Gitcoin’s $25K Match

Results and lessons learned from our first $25K in matching

A few weeks ago, we announced a radical experiment in Open Source Funding. Using the matching method outlined in Liberal Radicalism — a paper by Glen Weyl, Vitalik Buterin, and Zoë Hitzig, we announced a $25K fund to match any contributions made to 25 Ethereum infrastructure projects.

Immediately, the community responded with support and feedback.

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Open Source Money will BUIDL the Open Source Ecosystem

The blockchain revolution is growing open source

A wave of open source cryptoassets is sweeping the world. The blockchain revolution, led by projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum, have ushered in fresh enthusiasm to conversations on the intersection of technology, monetary policy, social impact, and governance.

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OSS Today: Some Wins, Some Losses

How Linux thrives; Struggles with underfunded OSS

Linux has eaten the world. 96% of web servers and 79.3% of smartphones (the Android ones) run Linux. It’s used by Pixar and DreamWorks in the film industry. The governments of Brazil, Russia, India, China, Spain, France, and Germany? All have operating systems or subsystems using Linux.

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The Cathedral and The Bazaar

Revisiting the Open Source Software classic

20 years ago, Eric Steven Raymond typed The Cathedral and The Bazaar, a classic open-source story. It distinguishes between two distinct styles of development.

  • Cathedral: Software carefully and quietly crafted by individuals within an isolated, mostly secret development team.
  • Bazaar: Chaotic, babbling open source development, miraculously coherent amongst both the signal and the noise of the crowds.
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