OSS Enthusiast Saptak Sengupta Joins Gitcoin

Hello Gitcoiners — I’m Saptak. I have been an open source enthusiast almost ever since I wrote my first proper application.

Ever since then, open source has always helped me in self-development while also sharing knowledge with other people. I have mainly been a web developer working in languages such as Python, Javascript, CSS and the various related frameworks, while also trying my hands with DevOps stuff.

I have been working with various open source organizations and projects such as FOSSASIA, jQuery, Securedrop to name a few.

I have also been actively working in the community organizing hackathons (Hack In The North), giving talks and conducting dev sprints at various conferences (PyCon India, PyCon Pune, FOSSASIA, Science Hack Day). People following my work and blog already know, I guess.

With this background, I couldn’t stay too far from Gitcoin once I learned about the project. The entire idea of Gitcoin is growing the open source ecosystem by incentivizing a developer’s contribution through blockchain technology.


When I came to know about a Gitcoin job opening, I didn’t hesitate to try my luck. Apart from applying, I thought, “Why not just go ahead and start solving some open issues? I solved a MetaMask issue and then came in contact with Vivek Singh to get the bounty reward. We connected pretty well and he introduced me to Alisa, Mark, and Kevin. Now I am super excited to be working with them in making Gitcoin awesome for open source developers and project maintainers making both ends of the world meet.

I love anything related to web development and I am also keen on getting the community involved in the project by spreading word and helping out other engineers. Since a lot of the development process of Gitcoin follows an open workflow, I am really looking forward to being a part of this process and movement as a whole! Apart from coding, I am really into sketching, listening to metal or classic rock music, and reading books.

If you’d like to discuss anything open source or Gitcoin engineering related, feel free to find me on Github, Twitter, or Gitcoin Slack as @SaptakS!