The Results! MSFT + Gitcoin’s Ethereal Hackathon

That’s a wrap! The Ethereal Virtual Hackathon hosted by Gitcoin and Microsoft has came to an end last week, right in time for Ethereal Summit New York.

In two weeks, we had over 500 developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from across the world join us to build awesome blockchain-based projects. They competed for over $67,000 in total prizes sponsored by 14 blockchain and enterprise software companies. Each prize was posted as a bounty through Gitcoin, ensuring funds could be held and distributed to winners quickly, directly, and safely.

Hackers submitted over 80 projects, ranging from full dApps and blockchain tooling to documentation, legacy software integrations, and cryptographic primitives. Some of our favorites are below.

Davidcozsmith created a way to use and send tokenized game assets within Unity. miguelmartinezinf built a contract consistency checker for Quorum, ensuring public and private blockchain states are synced. The Eauth team created an OAuth-compliant authentication service using Ethereum credentials. MythX got an integration with Status Embark. Zyfrank created a GraphQL implementation for Pantheon. And Gitcoin even received a pitch for Gitcoin Experts: a real-time mentorship billing feature for its platform.

In addition to the sponsored prizes, participants battled for the overall top spot: the Ethereal Best in Show prize. Following an initial four-way tie, sponsors collectively voted to award the Ethereal best in show prize to Enable, a cross-border p2p loan and credit scoring system.

Enable tackled ConsenSys Labs’ “Developing A Richer Financial Reputation” prize, using decentralized identity attestations to help people access credit abroad. Enable was built by a truly global team, collaborating across Indonesia, Nigeria, San Francisco and Singapore.

A picture of Katie Johnson and Zach Herring from ConsenSys Labs, introducing Enable.

nuBox came in as a close runner-up, presenting a NuCypher-based browser extension for encrypting and decrypting distributed files and emails.

You can check out the full list of projects here.

Gitcoin, Microsoft, and the hackathon’s sponsoring organizations had a great time with the event and showcasing the projects at Ethereal Summit. It was great to have Enable, the winning team, in person to present their hack on stage. We’re looking forward to more events in the future.

Until then, feel free to post a bounty to see what it’s like to work with a Gitcoiner.