The Open Web Foundry by Arweave

Hello Gitcoiners!

It is our great pleasure to announce that we are partnering with Arweave once again to host the Open Web Foundry, a six week incubator program for founders who are launching a profit sharing startup on the Arweave platform. The program begins on March 1st, 2021, and participating projects will receive hands-on training and support from Arweave experts to help fast-track their product development. Projects will be eligible for a share of $100,000 invested by Arweave, as well as exposure to other VCs and investors for additional possible investment. 

This will be the third Arweave incubator on Gitcoin, following the Open Web Incubator and the Open Web Fellowship in 2020. Both programs kickstarted the launch of many new profit sharing communities and startups, including incubator alumni ArDrive, Gitopia, ArVerify, Verto, and many others. Over $1 million has been cumulatively invested in these incubator projects so far. The 2021 Open Web Foundry will be even bigger this year – so join us to go from being a hacker to a founder in 6 weeks!

Program details

Are you looking to launch on Arweave? From initial idea and product development, to pitching investors, acquiring users, growing communities, and building out your product roadmap, Gitcoin and Arweave are with you every step of the way. We welcome submissions from founders and entrepreneurs creating a new profit sharing community on Arweave, or further developing an existing one.  

Over the course of the program, participants will experience weekly masterclasses hosted by experts in web3 product development. The masterclass topics will include: go-to-market strategies, mechanism design, token economics, community building, and fundraising fundamentals — everything startups need to go from idea to launch. 

Open Web Foundry by Arweave also offers: 

  • Weekly sessions with Arweave ecosystem leaders, core developers, and Arweave founder Sam Williams. 
  • Frequent drop-in office hours with Arweave core team members. Receive dedicated support and guidance at all stages of development.
  • Live coding sessions with Arweave core developers and fellow community members, with additional helpers on hand to answer questions and troubleshoot.
  • Weekly demo events where current and previous program participants can learn from each other. 

Pitch your project to investors

At the conclusion of the event, founders will have the opportunity to pitch their product to premier third-party investors. Open Web Foundry marks the third Arweave incubator program, and so far over $1,250,000 of seed investments have been made by investors in participating startups.

Successful submissions will meet the following criteria:

  • Apps must be open source, with the full source code available on Github or another open code hosting repository. Feel free to use whatever OSS licence you prefer.
  • Your project must be a profit sharing community on Arweave. The owners of the associated profit sharing token receive royalties from usage of the app.
  • Your project must include a link to a live, functioning, and running instance of the app itself, as well as a link to the repository it is stored within. It must also be published to ArweaveApps.
  • All applicants must join the Arweave Discord Dev server and share your submission in the #on-the-arweave channel upon completion.

Ready to get started?

About Arweave

Arweave is the amazing team developing the permaweb – a community-owned uncensorable and perpetual layer of the global web. Their technology enables the development of fully decentralized, permanently hosted web applications. Founders can use Arweave to form profit sharing communities (PSCs) around their applications, which represents a fundamentally new and fairer business model for their apps. You can find out more about profit sharing communities and their associated tokens here

Arweave has been partnering with Gitcoin since 2018, helping to build over 200 projects through sponsored hackathons. Join their lively tribe and read more about Arweave’s technology here.

To get involved with the Arweave community directly, check out Arweave’s Developer Discord or follow Arweave on Twitter to join the conversation. For more information and to get started: