New York Blockchain Week Goes Global on Gitcoin

Heyo Gitcoiners! May was planned out to be the season of lively and crowded conferences for everybody in the blockchain space. Consensus Distributed and Ethereal Summit were 2 of the main events scheduled to make New York vibrate, during New York Blockchain Week’s 6th annual edition.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 crisis, a decentralized emergency in its own right, put all our plans on hold. And while the pandemic may prevent us from shaking hands and engaging offline, it certainly can’t stop us from being the same strong community online.

We’re putting our resources forward to support issues that impact all of us, beginning with charitable actions that so many around the world need immediately. Fight Covid-19 is a fundraising event dedicated to helping 12 global nonprofits with a collective $100,000 contribution. We’re going to be distributing funds using quadratic funding and CLR so every dollar counts, please join the cause, if you can.

In these adverse times, the wonderful teams at Coindesk and ConsenSys proved the human ingenuity, resilience and adaptability that sit at the core of the blockchain community. Due to the passionate people that create Consensus and Ethereal year after year, we are now able to reinvent the New York Blockchain Week experience through the New York Blockchain Week Hackathon – free, online and safe for everybody.

Join us and 15 outstanding partners, as we code a better world between May 6 – May 27!

No matter where you are in the world right now, you’re invited to compete and buidl projects that make blockchain & web3 stronger, more accessible and effective. We’ve added a $75 consolation prize for all valid submissions in this event, so everyone’s a winner!

Elastos, Stellar, Aave, Arweave, Ren, PoolTogether, Synthetix, ETC Labs, Biconomy, Uniswap, Microsoft, Sia, Quantstamp, and FOAM are sponsoring 38 bounties, with total prizes reaching over $50,000

Can’t decide which challenge to pick and feel like you need more inspiration or insights to start hacking? We feel you and we’ve got you covered – just register for the hackathon and we’ll send you invites to all the workshops and webinars we’re hosting with our sponsors. You can see the sessions we’ve already run in this Youtube playlist

Need some coding partners to get the hack going? We’ve got a fix for that too – head on over to the NY Blockchain Week Hackathon Townsquare and connect with the 300 developers who’ve signed up already.

Or use our new referral tool to invite you buidling friends and earn 75 DAI when they have a valid hackathon submission. Read all about it in the Gitcoin Townsquare. 

Sometimes crisis brings out the best in us. Use the New York Blockchain Week Hackathon to buidl for a healthier future and ecosystem. Get inspired, get creative, get rewarded.

Kudos & stay healthy!