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Integrating Standard Bounties

Bringing security, interoperability, and a richer feature-set to Gitcoin’s smart contracts via Bounties Network

Moving money is easier than ever before. This trend is likely to continue with the rise of virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Ether. It is becoming increasingly clear that we’ll be living in a future where “moving money is as easy as sending an e-mail is today.”

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The Cathedral and The Bazaar

Revisiting the Open Source Software classic

20 years ago, Eric Steven Raymond typed The Cathedral and The Bazaar, a classic open-source story. It distinguishes between two distinct styles of development.

  • Cathedral: Software carefully and quietly crafted by individuals within an isolated, mostly secret development team.
  • Bazaar: Chaotic, babbling open source development, miraculously coherent amongst both the signal and the noise of the crowds.
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