Grow Ethereum x bZx: Liquidity, Liquidity, Liquidity

We’re almost through with Grow Ethereum, the latest hackathon in our summer hackathon series. Hundreds of hackers are in the Discord to build teams and work towards the top rewards for the best submissions. 

One of our sponsors creating some action for the hackers is bZx, the protocol that powers decentralized margin trading. With just three clicks users can start earning interest on their assets or get into a leveraged position. You can see their platform in action on Fulcrum.

bZx is joining many of the best projects in the ecosystem with Grow Ethereum, and we’re enthused to watch what the Gitcoin community builds for their platform. Their two bounties deal with creating liquidity and bridging MakerDAO. If you’re interested in constructing Contract-Fillable 0x Liquidity, their $1,500 prize is for you. 

Additionally, if you’re experienced with InstaDapp, you can pick up an extra $1,000 by modifying the InstaDapp contracts to support loans using the Fulcrum lending liquidity pool. 

Over $2500 in prizes is available between their two bounties. Get started on hacking on projects — the deadline to submit is August 19th! Once you enter our channel, take a look at the bZx bounties on the Issue Explorer and confer in the #bzx channel to source ideas.

Given these are bigger projects, you can expect us to work with you on deadlines if you’d like to work on it outside of the hackathon context. If you have any questions, reach out to any Gitcoin Staff members or Gitcoin Ambassadors on Discord. Hack away 🙂