Grants Round 13: Round Results & Recap


  • Grants Round 13 (GR13) ran from March 9-24, 2022
  • Over $4.6M will be distributed to public goods as part of the round, of which $3.2M came from the combined matching pools and $1.45M was contributed by the community.
  • GR13 featured 13 rounds: 
    • The main round
    • Nine ecosystem rounds: ENS, Radicle, NFT Ecosystem, Uniswap, ZKTech, Polygon, Open Gaming, Algorand and Olympus
    • Three cause rounds: Climate Solutions, Human Longevity, and Support for Ukraine
  • In GR13, we continued on the same main pool structure as GR12 – in GR12, the community chose to pilot a single pool approach with a 2.5% maximum cap for the main round rather than a category-based setup. GR13 featured the same structure, which again was largely successful in distributing funding to a broad set of projects. 
  • In both GR12 and GR13 side round matching pools had approximately double the total funds as the main pool. We’re excited to see continued momentum with supporting ecosystem & cause rounds as we head into GR14. 

What are Grants Rounds?

In short, to support people and organizations that are building public goods. That is, people & orgs who are building software, tools, media and other artifacts that are freely available AND create positive externalities to the world.

Many people think of Gitcoin as a meta public good – a public good that enables other public goods (+builders of public goods!) to spawn, grow and thrive. 

DAOs and other ecosystem builders see Gitcoin’s quarterly grants rounds as an opportunity to partner regularly with the broader web3 community to fund the most impactful projects & builders. Over the past 13 quarters, Gitcoin’s grants rounds have collectively raised over $40 million.

Grants Round 13

Over $4.6M will be distributed to public goods as part of the round, of which $3.2M came from the combined matching pools and $1.45M was contributed by the community. We saw 17k unique contributors make 300,000 contributions to just over 1,000 grants (an all-time high). 

GR13 featured three types of rounds: 

  • The main round, advancing projects in the Ethereum ecosystem & beyond
  • 9 ecosystem rounds, catering to specific Web3 ecosystems who create their own matching pools to use quadratic funding to advance projects within their ecosystems
  • Three cause rounds: Climate Solutions, Human Longevity, and Support for Ukraine.

Here are the top 10 grants, as based on total dollars received from all matching pools in GR13:

Note: This is the “global” GR13 top 10. ‘Match Amount’ is the sum of the grant’s Main + Cause + Ecosystem matches

Prior Round Comparison

Compared to GR12 in December 2021, GR13 saw a slight increase in overall matching funds distributed with $3.2 million, a 55% decrease in funding from the community with $1.4M and a 37% decrease in unique contributors.

Our analysis shows that much of this decrease was likely due to market sentiment and the lower price of ETH at the time of the round. GR10 also saw a decrease in community contributions vs GR9 as it took place right after a significant decrease in ETH price.

Main Round Results

As in GR12, grants of all types were eligible to receive matching funds from the main matching pool. Funds were allocated purely based on the QF mechanism with a 2.5% maximum cap applied ($30,000 maximum match per grant for GR13 given the $1.2M overall pool size). Again, the 2.5% cap turned out to have been a reasonable threshold, at least directionally, with 23 out of 805 grants (~3%) hitting the main round $30,000 cap.

Ecosystem Round Results

GR13 built on the success of GR12 in terms of ecosystem rounds, with $800k in total across 9 ecosystem rounds (vs $375K in GR12). 

Helping more ecosystems within Web3 to participate in Grants by creating their own matching pools is a key part of achieving our mission. 
Given the success of the matching caps in the main round in GR12, this is something we offered to our ecosystem round partners in GR13. Most partners chose to implement a cap, with most caps ranging from 10-20%. 

We’d also like to give a shout out to some partners who are innovating on top of Gitcoin Grants For example, Radicle built drips functionality into its ecosystem round, encouraging grantees to support one another. We had several collaborative ecosystem rounds with multiple funders, including the Zero Knowledge and Open Gaming rounds. Finally, the Algorand round represented the first cross-chain round run on the platform.

Cause Round Results

GR13 marked the second time running cause rounds, which are dedicated pools to fund specific social and environmental causes. We continue to see significant interest in expanding Gitcoin Grants into the off-chain realm.

In GR13 we ran three cause rounds: Climate Solutions, Human Longevity, and Support for Ukraine. 

We were very excited to continue to validate the use of quadratic funding in environments that extend beyond open source software in crypto, and we were blown away by the community’s interest in these rounds. We plan to continue with cause rounds in GR14. 

Next steps for Grantees

For all grantees looking to claim matching funds, you can expect matching payouts to be available to claim as of April 15. 2022.

Look out for an email closer to this date with specifics on how to claim.


To conclude, we are immensely thankful to all of our GR13 funding partners, grantees, and the community for their generous contributions to this round.

We’d like to thank the GR13 ecosystem round partners:

We’d like to thank GR13 cause round partners:

Last, but not least, we’d like to thank GR13 main round partners, including those listed on this banner as well as our anonymous donors. 

We’re closing out GR13 with so much gratitude for the incredible Gitcoin and broader web3 communities. We look forward to building upon this progress together in Grants Round 14 and beyond!

We’re so happy you’ve joined us to build and fund public goods together. 

– Team Gitcoin

Note: The results in this post are final results as of March 31, 2022. These have been updated for fraud & dispute removals.