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Gitcoin Grants Round 11 Governance Brief

Dear Funders League and Community stewards, 

Grants Round 11 (GR11) closed on September 23rd, 2021. As is our duty in Quadratic Lands, we are honored to perform our sacred duty to support digital public goods. We seek to honor this commitment by ratifying the round, and transferring matching funds from the Grants MultiSig to the non-custodial deployment contract. This unlocks payments from the round’s matching pool to all eligible projects.

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Decentralizing Gitcoin Grants


  • The Gitcoin DAO is tasked with decentralizing Gitcoin Grants.
  • The DAO created the Decentralize Gitcoin Workstream to make it so.
  • The Workstream solicited decentralization proposals from ScopeLift and ChainSafe.
  • Those proposals have been delivered, please read on for next steps.
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Defending Quadratic Funding In Grants Round 10 And Beyond

Quadratic Funding is under Sybil attack

We’re on the cusp of Grants Round 10, and each round has been more successful than the last. We expect that trend will continue through this round as well. The Gitcoin mission is to enable communities to build and fund the open web, so of course we’re always excited to see more growth through grants. But as we grow, we must continue to protect the integrity of the round by defending the Quadratic Funding mechanism from attack.

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