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Native Meta Transactions

Hiding Actions and Generating Random Numbers

The Ethereum blockchain is public.

Since all transactions are public we have to use extra tricks to keep some things temporarily hidden. Let’s say we need input like an answer to a quiz or a move in a game from a group of players. We don’t want these players to be able to just watch the blockchain for their competitors’ answers. What we’ll do is have everyone hash their answer and submit that first (the commit). Next, everyone will submit their real answer (the reveal) and we can prove on-chain that it hashes to the committed value.

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Joining Gitcoin As Director Of Research

Pushing Seamless UX Forward With Meta Transactions

I’m extremely honored to announce that I will be joining the Gitcoin team full time as their Director of Research. My tasks will include continuing to #BUIDL and #SHIPL in the meta transaction space with an emphasis on seamless onboarding into Ethereum and assisting with some special projects that are yet to be announced. Hanging out with the team at ETHSanFrancisco really got me excited for the opportunity to work with such amazing hackers.

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