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A Recap: Gitcoin at ETHDenver

The Burner Wallet, Kudos, and Grant Matching, oh my!

Gitcoin was built in Colorado. It’s a big part of our culture and history, and we showed up ETHDenver in a big way to celebrate!

2019 has a lot of fantastic events lined up — and they all have to live up to high expectations set this weekend at ETHDenver. Set in the Sports Castle, 1,500 participants (including 750 hackers) shuttled into 6 floors including three hacking floors, a chill room, a Maker Space, and lots of interesting conversations about Ethereum and the future of the internet.

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Experiments With Liberal Radicalism

A crowdfund matching mechanism for public goods, like open source

A recent paper entitled Liberal Radicalism proposes a mechanism to fund public goods in a new and unique fashion. Written by Vitalik Buterin, Zoë Hitzig, and Glen Weyl, the paper introduces a mechanism called Capital-constrained Liberal Radicalism (‘CLR’) which I’ll explain in greater detail below.A summary of the paper (and the CLR mechanism) from the paper is as follows.

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EIP 1337 (Subscriptions) Launches

1337 Alliance

Forget tokenization, subscriptions on the blockchain are here

I am thrilled to announce the launch of EIP 1337 Alliance. Following enthusiastic feedback of EIP 948 (our initial subscriptions EIP) and in depth architecture technical deep dives, we’ve settled on a subscription standard for Ethereum which will help move the ecosystem forward in UX, business models and more. It’s been a great six month journey, and we’re excited to bring this to bear!

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Increasing Action On Your Gitcoin Bounty

How to put your Gitcoin contributors to productive use

We see a lot of software development ‘first dates’ between contributors and maintainers here at Gitcoin. We’ve seen a lot of things go right, but we’ve also seen a lot of things that could be improved.

This post is designed to help bounty funders who would like to see uptick in their bounty success rate.

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