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Setting your OSS repo’s monetary policy

Specifying what contributions you’ll pay for and which you won’t helps avoid confusion & hurt feelings!

One of the externalities of creating a mesh network of paid contributors to open source software is the expectation of always getting paid. If you do some really great work on a Github repo, for the good of the project, and you see someone else get paid, but you did not get paid, you might be confused. And rightfully so!

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How To Build A Contributor Friendly Project

Simple steps to ensure productive contributions to your open source project

If you want to have an active community of contributors for your Open Source Repo, it’s helpful to make the repo as self explanatory as possible to prevent unnecessary communication problems or barriers to entry for newcomers. In this post, the Gitcoin team has aggregated our experience working on open source to provide you with a few ‘best practice’ tips.

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Building A Platform That Maximizes Freedom

Motivation, self-determination, and how they relate to a changing open source landscape

The relationship between external rewards, internal motivation, and work is a muddled topic. People spend hours beating video games, yet would probably play less if it’s mandated by a parent. Sometimes, people would rather pay-to-play than do something for free. When designing platforms, creators must make space to evaluate this complexity.

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Open Source Money will BUIDL the Open Source Ecosystem

The blockchain revolution is growing open source

A wave of open source cryptoassets is sweeping the world. The blockchain revolution, led by projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum, have ushered in fresh enthusiasm to conversations on the intersection of technology, monetary policy, social impact, and governance.

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OSS Today: Some Wins, Some Losses

How Linux thrives; Struggles with underfunded OSS

Linux has eaten the world. 96% of web servers and 79.3% of smartphones (the Android ones) run Linux. It’s used by Pixar and DreamWorks in the film industry. The governments of Brazil, Russia, India, China, Spain, France, and Germany? All have operating systems or subsystems using Linux.

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The Cathedral and The Bazaar

Revisiting the Open Source Software classic

20 years ago, Eric Steven Raymond typed The Cathedral and The Bazaar, a classic open-source story. It distinguishes between two distinct styles of development.

  • Cathedral: Software carefully and quietly crafted by individuals within an isolated, mostly secret development team.
  • Bazaar: Chaotic, babbling open source development, miraculously coherent amongst both the signal and the noise of the crowds.
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