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Gitcoin + Arweave: The Open Web Incubator

Heya Gitcoiners & Gitcoinerettes! They say that July is the warmest month of the year (location depending), and we’re definitely getting ready for a hot start to July .

By now you’ve probably seen or experienced several types and formats of events on Gitcoin – from multiple sponsor events to public health hackathons, cross-chain challenges and virtual blockchain weeks.

For the first time, we’re helping co-launch the Arweave Open Web Incubator.

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Protect Your Privacy: Hack for a Better Data World

Hello Gitcoiners! Personal privacy (both individual and collective) is something the entire planet has been debating and talking about for the past few years. But it feels like it’s never been as vital and fundamental to our society’s balance and evolution as it’s been this year. 

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