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How I Paid My Rent With Crypto

Even when the price is dropping

As a freelancer my income can sometimes be a little... patchy. I decided to take this summer off from any large contracts, and focus on traveling, enjoying life, and launching some side projects I've been working on for too long. Unfortunately, my rent is still due on the first of every month. Fortunately, there is Gitcoin. My share of rent is $750 USD a month, in Washington, DC, USA. Here is how I paid it in August.

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Gitcoin Testimonials: Augur

How Augur is building the worlds first decentralized oracle and prediction market with Gitcoin

Augur is building the world’s first decentralized oracle and prediction market. Prediction markets allow users to trade on the outcomes of events from things like a sports game to the weather for tomorrow. Individuals who accurately predict outcomes will be rewarded for their predictions and vice versa.

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Gitcoin Testimonials: Balance

How the future of open source banking is being built using Gitcoin

One of the most important things we see that open source can help the blockchain community is improving UX and usability for dApps. One project that is working to improve this is Balance.

We’re thrilled to be in a position to help projects like Balance easily get the developer time & attention they need to make progress on their project.

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Gitcoin Testimonials: uPort

How uPort is using Gitcoin to help build a self sovereign identity platform

At Gitcoin, we’re excited to be a part of ConsenSys and working with the folks who are helping build out the future of Web 3.0. During our time with ConsenSys, we’ve had the opportunity to connect with the hard-working people at other spokes. One exciting project that’s helping push blockchain forward is uPort.

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