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Making Decisions in a DAO: Gitcoin Lessons Learned

This is a transcription of the talk that Annika Lewis gave at ETH Denver on March 3rd, 2023: Making Decisions in a DAO: Gitcoin Lessons Learned 

I have been with the project Gitcoin for about a year and a half now, previously serving as a workstream lead and presently as a steward with the project. My perspective comes from being a full-time contributor and an external steward at Gitcoin. The other day, I told my mom about this talk, and she asked me to describe it. So I walked her through what I was going to discuss, and at the end, she played it back to me, saying, “Okay, so it’s kind of like making decisions when nobody’s in charge.” And I was like, “Yeah, thanks, Mom.” So, that’s how we settled on the alternate title, “Making Decisions When Nobody’s in Charge.” 

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Gitcoin Grants Round 10 Governance Brief

Dear Funders League and Community stewards, 

Grants Round 10 (GR10) came to a close on July 1, 2021, and it is time to once again take the journey to the Quadratic Lands where we honor our sacred agreement to support public goods in the Ethereum ecosystem. We do that by ratifying the round, and then transferring funds from the Grants MultiSig to the non-custodial deployment contract. This will ultimately enable payout of the round’s matching pool to participating grants projects.

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Introducing GTC – Gitcoin’s Governance Token

November 2022 Update: 

Hey there! You’re reading a post written at the launch of Gitcoin DAO, May 2021, and a lot has happened in the past year and half.

As an addendum to this original post, here’s an update on what the DAO has accomplished since its launch:

  • We got a global community of dozens of contributors to work towards a shared mission, distributed across 5 workstreams.
  • We distributed tens of millions of dollars toward digital public goods through our Gitcoin Grants Rounds (here’s a recap of GR15).
  • We launched the alpha of our open, decentralized grants protocols that enable communities to more easily fund their shared needs. Some of our first users are Fantom, Optimism, and UNICEF.

If you’re trying to understand the utility of GTC, in short it is a governance token that holders use to:

  • Vote on our governance proposals on Snapshot
  • Vote on what funding areas our Gitcoin Grants Program will focus on (e.g. Climate Solutions, DEI, Ethereum Infrastructure, Open Source Software)
  • Ultimately, support the growth of a thriving ecosystem of builders developing open protocols that enable a more free, democratic, and decentralized web

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Original Article:

The Gitcoin mission is to empower communities to build and fund open source public goods.

In this post, we’re excited to introduce the GTC token and our DAO that will govern Gitcoin — two crucial components allowing Gitcoin to decentralize and build an equitable protocol for funding open source development.

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