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Funding Open Source In The Blockchain Era

Exploring the Design Space: Inflation Funding, MicroTransactions, and More

In ERC 1789, I advocate for aggressively increasing funding for the Ethereum commons.

In this “moonshot” ERC, I advocate for inflation funding (as a starting point, 20% of the issuance rewards) to go to an organization, which fits our community values, to fund ETH 1.x, ETH 2.0, and other worthwhile projects.

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Radical Results: Gitcoin’s $25K Match

Results and lessons learned from our first $25K in matching

A few weeks ago, we announced a radical experiment in Open Source Funding. Using the matching method outlined in Liberal Radicalism — a paper by Glen Weyl, Vitalik Buterin, and Zoë Hitzig, we announced a $25K fund to match any contributions made to 25 Ethereum infrastructure projects.

Immediately, the community responded with support and feedback.

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Gitcoin Grants: CLR Matching

Matching contributions with up to $25,000 in funding, in ETH

EDIT 2019/02/23: Results announced here.

Gitcoin is excited to announce our first formal experiment with CLR, with $25,000 in matching contributions from Gitcoin’s CLR Fund. Our sponsors for this fund include the Ethereum Foundation and ConsenSys, via their respective grants programs, and unnamed donors in the Ethereum ecosystem.

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Experiments With Liberal Radicalism

A crowdfund matching mechanism for public goods, like open source

A recent paper entitled Liberal Radicalism proposes a mechanism to fund public goods in a new and unique fashion. Written by Vitalik Buterin, Zoë Hitzig, and Glen Weyl, the paper introduces a mechanism called Capital-constrained Liberal Radicalism (‘CLR’) which I’ll explain in greater detail below.A summary of the paper (and the CLR mechanism) from the paper is as follows.

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CrowdFunding Bounties

This new feature makes it easier than ever to collaborate on funding a Gitcoin bounty.

One of our most requested features for Gitcoin is the ability to crowdfund a bounty.

I am thrilled to say that that feature is live today!

To check out this new feature, first navigate to any bounty on Gitcoin. Next, you will see a button titled ‘Add Contribution’

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