New York Blockchain Week: A Skyscraper Success

Heyo, Gitcoiners! May is over, along with our biggest, coolest, most impactful hackathon to date – New York Blockhain Week. It was the best of times, it was the wildest of times, and we loved every single minute and byte of it.

The numbers above come to show the magnitude of a very unique event, one that started in the midst of a global challenge and emerged in a stronger, promising new world. 

We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s energy pulling together – our fantastic community, our generous sponsors and our ecosystem’s common will to BUIDL.

So it’s now our pleasure to unroll the red carpet and give the spotlight to all the New Yorkers (in body or in spirit) who ran the hackathon to coding bliss. Here are the key facts and highlights of New York Blockchain Week 2020.

15 outstanding sponsors


High-rise #HackingGoals

Hacking spotlights

Leverage on Aave Challenge

Build the next big DeFi DApp leveraging on Aave Protocol.

Grand Prize – @sanchaymittal
2nd Prize – @snaketh4x0r
3rd Prize – @michaelcohen716

Build a WeaveMail Client

Create a new WeaveMail client. WeaveMail is outdated, it needs a new design and a new structure. 

Winner: @anish-agnihotri (see the demo here 🚀)

Create a pod & microsite

Create a pod and a microsite where people can get tickets and join the pod.

Winner: @pierrickgt (see the demo here 🚀)

Gitcoin RenVM Hackathon

Build a DeFi application with RenVM which focuses on enhancing DeFi with RenVM’s native cross-chain user experience. 

1st Prize – @tsnark
2nd & 3rd Prizes – @pmprete & @krishnaperabathula

Write rDAI allocation strategy for Aave

Create a new allocation strategy that invests DAI in Aave protocol’s aDAI.

Winner: @bobface


Build a Stellar network dapp

Create an app demonstrating the Stellar network’s ability to connect the worlds’ currencies.

Grand Prize – @tgemayel
2nd Prize – @definitepotato
3rd Prize – @layinka

Open Synthetix Challenge

Build something to contribute to the Synthetix ecosystem.

1st Prize – @jwojciechowski (see the demo here 🚀)
2nd Prize – @michaelcohen716
3rd Prize – @adi99

👉 Check out the NYWB Demo Day presentations – 12 projects created during the hackathon shared their stories, from idea to submission.

NYBW Hall of Fame Hackers

Anish Agnihotri
Denham Preen
Toni Gemayel
Calvin Chu

This is just an appetizer for all the awesome work that happened during our event, so be sure to take a look at the full list of projects and stellar hackers that were involved, on the New York Blockchain Week page.

And as they say, one man’s ended hackathon is another man’s newly started one – 2 other hackathons are already underway.

Check out Unitize (SFBW) Hackathon and Arweave’s Open Web Incubator, pick the right bounty for you and get your name featured in our next Hall of Hacking Fame!

Kudos until our next retro!