Hacking Decentralized Commerce: Conflux Network

  • Hacking Decentralized Commerce will take place online from November 2nd — November 22nd.
  • Teams and individuals can sign-up on Gitcoin starting today!
  • $12K+ in Conflux tokens and additional bounties from our Hackathon partners.

Conflux Network is developing the technology to build the future of commerce which is more collaborative, equitable, and decentralized!  They are launching their Mainnet on October 29th and they want to celebrate with a Hackathon. 🥳 

So what is Conflux all about?

Conflux Network is developing the technology to build the future of commerce which is more collaborative, equitable and decentralized! The hackathon starts right after our mainnet launch to propel the DApp ecosystem. Come build on a faster, safer PoW blockchain network that has the familiarity of Solidity compatibility and has new mechanisms to build with!

Explore the familiar parts of Conflux Network with:

  • Solidity smart contracts
  • Truffle development environment customized for Conflux
  • SDKs in various languages like Javascript, Go, Java

Experiment with new mechanisms to build next-generation applications:

  • Transactions sponsorship for driving user adoption
  • Native staking on a PoW network
  • Operational cross-chain asset bridge for wrapping assets to and from Ethereum

There are two main tracks to participate in this hackathon. The first track focuses on building new DApps and products for DeFi, NFTs, payments, marketplaces, and core infrastructure. The second track is co-sponsored by our partners Aave and Chainlink for the integration of the Conflux Network with partner technologies.

You can check out the current workshop schedule here – even if you’re not hacking, join to educate yourself! Finally, as a bonus, the top 5 winning projects will get to showcase their work at the Conflux Summit being held virtually on Tuesday, December 1st!

Sound interesting? Great! 

Hop on the Gitcoin Townsquare or the Conflux Discord if you have any questions. While the hacking kicks off November 2nd, now is the time to get a head start! We’ll see you on the decentralized web.