Grow Open Source: EF Grant

An initial $25K worth of Gitcoin bounties for Ethereum infrastructure projects

We’re excited to have been selected as an Ethereum Foundation grant cohort member this May! It’s an honor to be included amongst so many projects focused on shipping code at the infrastructure layer.

The $25K grant will be 100% used to support bounties for open source software developers to build features, squash bugs, and add documentation on Ethereum infrastructure repositories.

Gitcoin’s community consists of thousands of software developers and designers curious to build at the intersection of blockchain and open source. We are excited to introduce them to important issues including client optimizations, consensus, scalability, and security research. We are increasingly convinced that they can contribute in meaningful ways.

Our Overall Strategy

Over the course of 2–3 months, we aim to deploy $25K worth of bounties on Ethereum infrastructure repositories using Gitcoin bounties.

We will be closely tracking the ROI of these bounties and hold conversations with both a) EF repo maintainers and b) developers who receive ETH on better ways to onboard them onto the Ethereum ecosystem.

Where We Are Today

Some examples of Ethereum repositories we’ve already sent Gitcoiners to include cpp-ethereum, sharding, web3py, solidity, eth-utils, and Casper FFG.

From the Gitcoin Issue Explorer!

Other infrastructure repositories in the ecosystem include bounties for Prysmatic Labs (geth-sharding), Raiden, IPFS, and Trust Wallet.

The bounties have ranged from ~$50 — $1,050, based on complexity and time for completion.

Two Gitcoin developers have been brought on full time to work for the Ethereum Foundation.

Bounties have been for features like a sharding block explorer front-end and a node discovery mechanism, bugs, and documentation improvements.

Prysmatic Labs: A Sharded Ecosystem Block Explorer

The Next Two Months

Our OKR’s for the $25K bounty program are as follows.

  • Impact 6–10 Ethereum repositories with $2K — $3.5K worth of bounties each
  • Onboard 50+ developers who directly make meaningful contributions to Ethereum repositories
  • Apply consistent high documentation standards across major Ethereum Foundation repositories
  • Engage with 6–8 EF team leads on how to continue to scale their development teams

This grant is the first manifestation of our vision that Open Source Money Will Build The Open Source Ecosystem.

We believe this grant has the potential to a) bring more developers into the Ethereum world (developers, developers, developers), b) meaningfully scale the development capabilities of Ethereum core maintainers and c) make an impact on scalability and security, which ultimately will determine the health of the ecosystem.

We look forward to showing the results and learnings of this grant. Let’s grow Ethereum’s open source ecosystem, together.