Gitcoin’s April Product Update

Hello again from the Gitcoin team – here’s what the core team and our community have been busy working on in the last month.

A user directory, inviting contributors to bounties, and more. We’re back to let you in on new features to help you power your workflow and grow open source!

User Directory

In April we spent some time thinking about user discovery and ways to connect funders to coders. Under the explore menu, you’ll find the user directory where it’s easy to search for contributors by skills, bounties completed, leaderboard rank and star ratings. We’ve also included a one click invite contributor to a bounty which pulls up issues that are currently funded. Give it a try here!

Invite Contributor to a Bounty — Funder Form

Worked with a great contributor before and want to continue working together? You can now invite suggested contributors to a new bounty. An invite contributor field has been added on the fund issue form. One-click to send an email invitation notifying the contributor of this new task. It’s that easy!

Gitcoin Hackathon Experience

Last month we successfully hosted a hackathon in partnership with Microsoft. To support this effort we spent some cycles building a hackathon experience. Read more about it here!

We’re very excited about the output from the hackathon and the likelihood that there are many more events we do of similar nature. It’s amazing to see developers from around the world work together to build a better future via Gitcoin and our wonderful sponsors.

Gitcoiner Preview

We now have a way to get a glimpse into a Gitcoiner through our preview cards. See their name, development specialty, web3 projects they’ve contributed to, amount earned, bounties completed, in progress, latest activity, and more! Thanks to @iamonuwa (#3 Contributor on the Gitcoin platform) for helping us build this out!

Gitcoin Grants Updates

Gitcoin Grants has gotten a fresh new look! The Grants Detail page now separates out the description of the grant, the latest contributions, milestones, and contribution profiles for every grant under separate tabs. You can easily click through the tabs and see the organized information for each grant.

In addition to the new Grant Details page, the funding statistics on each and every grant both on the main Grant page as well as the Details page has been updated. Previously, there was some confusion on the definitions of “Total Funding”, and “Monthly Goal” for each grant, as well as confusion as to what happened with one-time, non-recurring contributions.

The new design is a little bit more explicit about how recurring subscriptions and one-time contributions are counted. The monthly recurring funding includes, of all time, all subscriptions that are currently active and recurring, which are contributing to the monthly goal. The “Total Funded” amount includes the monthly recurring funding as well as one-time contributions that are essentially non-recurring subscriptions. Hopefully, this clears up the confusion around how the funding statistics are tracked!

New Kudos!

Our artist Mladen has been hard at work on these new pieces of art! Check em out here and send Kudos today!

Here is a quick preview of what we’ll be working on the rest of this quarter.

Have a feature in mind that’ll really power your workflow? Let us know! We love to hear suggestions from our community. Happy Gitcoining!

To learn more about Gitcoin, click below. We welcome you on our journey to grow open source while changing the way we work.