Gitcoin + Zilliqa: A Cross-Chain Future

Howdy, Gitcoiners! This month we’re running hackathons, we launched Grants Round 6 (which we just tweaked big time btw), we’re building, we’re improving, we’re doing all the good stuff… but yeah, we haven’t launched a space rocket yet.

So we’re going across the chain instead.

Today we’re thrilled to announce that we’re making one small step for builders, one giant leap for cross chain interoperability: Zilliqa is fully integrated with Gitcoin!

Joining forces with a high performance partner like Zilliqa is a major milestone in creating a truly global, truly interconnected ecosystem of open source buidlers and funders, operating on their blockchain of choice.

Introducing Zilliqa

Zilliqa is a high-speed, highly secure blockchain and smart contract platform powering next-gen applications and enterprises. Zilliqa aims to make global commerce more open, accountable and affordable for all.

Zilliqa has an exciting history, starting in 2017 and evolving through a series of technological and community-based breakthroughs. The Zilliqa mainnet was launched in January 2019, making it by some accounts the first public blockchain to utilize sharding as a scaling solution.

While their main focus is to deliver a scalable and secure platform for enterprise-grade applications, across finance and other industries, Zilliqa has always invested and drawn inspiration from its impressive community of developers – 60 project teams from over 20 countries.

The Zilliqa team continuously invests in the development of the ecosystem, through financial and educational programs that support developers around the world.  

Get ready to #buidl

In the following months, the Zilliqa team will sponsor a series of hackathons aimed at testing your creativity and vision for the Zilliqa blockchain. So fire up your engines and get ready to Eat – Sleep – Code – Repeat in our upcoming hacks.

Don’t forget to check out the Zilliqa developer tools, join their tribe, and get familiar with Zilliqa’s documentation, if you haven’t already.
To be part of Zilliqa’s developer networks, join them on Discord or Telegram and engage with their members.

Kudos 🖖