Gitcoin expands governance participation to long term partners

As community builders, Public Goods funders and regen maxis we recognize our impact is fueled by those who believe in and support our work. Today, we are excited to announce that we will be welcoming a handful of key partners to participate in our governance to help us serve a wider audience. These partners have made a commitment to public goods funding, and to supporting the Gitcoin ecosystem at large.

Protocol Labs will be partnering with us to further our goals of growing a regenerative crypto economic landscape that offers hope in times of uncertainty that our industry is facing. We have long admired the regen-oriented work of Protocol Labs, and we are excited to have their partnership in our imminent protocol launches. Protocol Labs stimulate and showcase research and discussion about innovative funding methods for critical public goods and open-source networks – our partnership is a win-win for novel public goods funding. 

OKX, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume and a leading web3 ecosystem, will enable us to expand our global reach and allow us to more effectively serve new markets in APAC and beyond. OKX’s commitment to user safety, transparency, and product innovation are critically important to Gitcoin and all builders in the space. We are excited to join forces and advocate public goods funding to more audiences with OKX’s existing suite of decentralized web3 products.

“Despite protracted market conditions, Gitcoin continues to support public goods projects through GR14 and GR15, driving fundamental technology innovation in the industry. This echoes OKX's core mission to invest in building, innovation, and community. We are thrilled to provide firepower for Gitcoin to sustainably grow its initiatives, and look forward to working together to support the industry during this unprecedented time”, Jeff Ren, Head of OKX Ventures said.

Other key partners joining our governance processes include Fenbushi Capital, IOSG, Foresight Ventures, and more. Each of these firms believe in and understand the power of enabling communities to experiment with novel funding mechanisms to reach their collective goals. We look forward to their protocol governance participation as we believe accomplishing our mission will require coordination beyond just our community.

As Gitcoin evolves, we are wholly focused on the launch, growth and adoption of our new Grants Protocol, and our new reputation and identity aggregator, Gitcoin Passport. We feel that now is the right time to invite additional governance participation from these partners to help guide us through these exciting times and to offer their opinion on how to shape and design each protocol’s future. We invite these key partners to participate in DAO governance as stewards, ensuring the communities they represent are heard from as well. We will be sharing and announcing more on our v2 Steward Council soon.

To help steward the future of Gitcoin and learn more about how we’re evolving, check out the following resources:

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