Gitcoin + Ethereum Classic : A Cross-Chain Chapter

Heyo Gitcoiners. This time of year, great news is in full bloom and here’s one that we just couldn’t wait to share with all of you: Ethereum Classic is now integrated with Gitcoin! This marks the first chain outside of ETH which can be used to post bounties on the Gitcoin platform and we are excited to welcome the Ethereum Classic community to the platform. 

That’s right, we are expanding our horizons to welcome even more of the Ethereum community to our platform and to offer full support for bounties funded with ETC.

This integration was materialized with great support from our partners, Ethereum Classic Labs

Ethereum Classic Labs will officially break ground on this new integration with a special series of bounties in our Funding The Future hackathon, which started this week. A bit from the ETC Labs team, below:

“This partnership is another step towards making ETC more accessible to the developer ecosystem while providing value to the Ethereum Classic community. We’re excited to work with such great partners such as Gitcoin on this integration and participate in their hackathon focused on the future of decentralized finance” — Terry Culver, CEO of ETC Labs. 

Ethereum Classic Labs

Ethereum Classic Labs has actively engaged with our community in 2019, through a series of hackathons posted during the Web 3 World hackathon. One of their most exciting bounties was WrappedETC, which focused on the development of an ETC standard contract which supports depositing ETC and extracting WETC to be used as a token in a smart contract. The integration here extends upon the WETC work and makes us fully integrated with the platform. 

Outside of Gitcoin, ETC Labs is focused on the advancement, development, utilization, and adoption of the Ethereum Classic Community, core technology, and ecosystem through ETC Core and the ETC Labs Accelerate incubator program. Their Core Team continues to be active in the Ethereum community as they maintain the Ethereum Classic blockchain — building key applications, solutions, and tools across the Ethereum ecosystems. 

Over the course of 2020 we’re excited to utilize our integration with a variety of interesting projects that we’ll share with you as they unfold. They’ll be regulars in our hackathons and we’re excited to share more as the year unfolds. 

Fund the Future with ETC

Funding The Future will be the inauguratory hackathon for our new Ethereum Classic integration and it makes all the good sense that ETC will be part of our quest to build the future of the new generation of the internet and decentralized finance. With bounties worth $2K across infrastructure, wallets, and marketing, we welcome anyone and everyone to get involved!

Ready to dip your minds and fingers in the creative projects, bug fixes and innovative features from Funding the Future? Rewards come not only in the shape of bounty prizes, but also pioneering experiences. Start here and join our new cohort of future-shapers!