Celebrating the Best in Cross-Chain from Moonbeam’s Illuminate Hack/22

Moonbeam Illuminate Hack/22 brings Four GMP Protocols Together with Record-Breaking Participation

Illuminate Hack/22, Moonbeam’s latest hackathon featuring 4 of the most prominent protocols in the General Message Passing (GMP) space, recently wrapped up. Allow us to take you back to recap the event and dig into some of the coolest connected contracts dApps that emerged from the hackathon.

The Illuminate Hackathon was undoubtedly Moonbeam’s most ambitious hackathon to date - featuring challenging bounties and a compressed timeline of only 4 weeks. The hackathon was organized by the Moonbeam Foundation and hosted on Gitcoin and the bounties were sponsored by Axelar, Hyperlane, LayerZero & Wormhole.

The hackathon dovetailed with the Illuminate conference, a 2-day virtual conference that brought together leaders in the Web3 space and furthered the cross-chain dialogue. The Iluminate hackathon furthered this same Connected Contracts focus with the 1st week of the hackathon kicking off with workshops hosted by the GMP protocols. While each of the GMP protocols take slightly different approaches, they’re united by a cross-chain vision of unbounded applications that can access features across different chains. Moonbeam, of course, shares this vision as well, and seeks to empower developers to build apps that connect across chains. 

Did we mention that this was Moonbeam’s most successful hackathon to date? Illuminate shattered prior stats with 200 participants and a grand total of 92 projects submitted. GMP protocol sponsors demonstrated their commitment to backing builders by offering $80,000 in bounties. While we don’t have space to discuss all 19 winning projects in detail here, we’ll showcase a few here and direct you to the Illuminate project showcase on Gitcoin to see them all.  

Unlocking Cross-Chain Interactions for Safe Owners

David Semakula’s Safe Hyperlane Router received the top Hyperlane Prize of $5,000. David’s app combines both a novel concept and flawless execution - clearly an award winning formula. Safe Hyperlane Router is an extension for Gnosis Safe (Moonbeam Safe is a friendly fork of Gnosis safe) that allows you to interact with contracts on remote chains from your Safe. As Safe is a critically valuable app for DAOs, companies, and networks, it’s clear that this app provides substantial value and fulfills a market need.


AI-Generated Cross-Chain NFTs

Mark Carey’s HyperApes are AI-generated NFTs that can “swing” between blockchains. It’s a refined and polished app that enables you to choose the desired characteristics of your ape as well as the destination chain of the newly-minted ape. The app is fully live today - you can mint to Moonbeam and a variety of other networks and then swing your ape over to another network if you change your mind. 

Safe Deployments Made Easy 

Continuing the Moonbeam Safe theme, Interchain Safe Portal focused on simplifying the process of deploying a Hyperlane safe. This simple but effective dApp lets you easily create Gnosis safe contracts on a variety of chains, all from Moonbeam and routed via Hyperlane. 

Buy Once, Enjoy on Every Chain

Zhaojio’s NameNFT is akin to a multichain ENS application and uses Axelar to enable you to mint your username NFT on one chain and use it across multiple chains. Once you’ve minted your NFT, it belongs to you and no one can use it on another chain, even on a newly created chain or Layer 2 network. 

Gasless NFT Minting

Daniel Kossmann built gasless-onft using LayerZero and Gelato and won LayerZero’s Omnichain NFT prize. With gasless-onft, you can mint an NFT and send to another supported chain in seconds. 

“Mail in” your votes from any chain

It_Matters is a cross-chain governance dApp built using Wormhole. Users can vote from any supported chain and the decisions are relayed to a central chain where the governance lifecycle actions take place. It_Matters won a $5,000 prize from Wormhole. 

Discover more from Moonbeam’s Illuminate/22

Regretfully there’s not enough room to cover every winning project here. However, you can find a Tweet thread detailing all of the winners and find all of the projects on the Illuminate Project Showcase on Gitcoin. If you missed out on participating in this hackathon, we highly encourage you to join Moonbeam’s next hackathon. You can sign up for the Moonbuilder’s newsletter to be notified when the next hackathon is live!