Bancor x Road to Devcon 2: Electric Boogaloo

Bancor’s back, baby. One of the return sponsors for The Road to Devcon, our first hackathon of the fall season, is Bancor – your favorite liquidity solution for continuous on-chain liquidity between blockchain-based assets. The Bancor team had a tremendous experience working with the Gitcoin community during our prior “Ethereal Blocks” hackathon, and have decided to join us once again for an action-packed virtual hack. You can read about Bancor’s two winning projects from the last hackathon in this post. 

The primary Bancor bounty is for a whopping 15 ETH: if you haven’t already, start work on it now. Below are some guidelines from the bounty spec for your viewing pleasure –

Bancor challenges developers to hack on one of the most exciting DeFi primitives – the decentralized liquidity pool. Up until now, liquidity pools have mostly been deployed with two volatile assets in their reserves, requiring liquidity providers to speculate on two volatile assets when contributing liquidity. 

Bancor recently announced the release of USDB – a stable version of Bancor’s Network Token, BNT.  USDB-based relays will allow liquidity providers to plug into Bancor and generate fees from conversions without exposure to two volatile assets – which could dramatically reduce the risk of impermanent loss.

Now, we’re looking for a pioneering developer to create a dApp that allows liquidity providers to transfer their liquidity from an existing Bancor liquidity pool (using BNT) to a Bancor liquidity pool that utilizes USDB.

There you have it, folks. The deadline for their 15 ETH megaprize is October 4th, with the announcement of the winner to follow soon after on the 10th. Criteria for submission evaluation are the response to the prompt, cleanliness of the code and technical design, and usability of the UI. 

This is one of many opportunities to get paid to build on Bancor as part of the Protocol’s newly launched Grants program. More info here.

As always, Bancor team members are available to answer any questions you may have in the Gitcoin Events Discord channel #bancor.

How to participate

You can register for the Road to Devcon hackathon here. To get started, join the Discord and find a team. The deadline to submit is October 4, 2019, so get cracking today.

Once you enter our channel, take a look at the Bancor bounty on the Issue Explorer:

If you have any questions, reach out to Gitcoin Staff members in Discord. We are happy to help 😀

Happy hacking!