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Rohit Malekar

Rohit Malekar is a product manager at a digital studio and learning the intersection of decentralized web and public goods. His writing explores the design space for applying governance, organizational design, and cryptoeconomics for sustaining public goods.

From Grantee to Funder: Push Protocol

Decentralized notifications have the potential for a robust notification ecosystem without the centralized drawbacks of web2 notifications. Applications need better methods to communicate with users quickly and in response to events other than Twitter, Discord, or email. Users deserve to control what notifications they receive and should benefit from the open-source nature of web3 by requesting notifications about protocol behavior.

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The Case for Grant Programs: How to Incentivise Ecosystem Growth by Funding Innovation

Grants provide early support for web3 projects driving the space forward while helping teams and communities retain their sovereignty. This helps ecosystem funders– from prominent protocols to tokenized communities– develop the technology and creative assets necessary to remain competitive. It also helps attract and retain talent within ecosystems by providing opportunities for developers and creatives to work on challenging projects. 

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